Doctrine is Boring?

Some might think that a sermon examining doctrine is dry and boring. More than that, they might think that doctrine isn’t as important as something you can apply directly to your life situation. You might think, you want something that will help you with your marriage, with your other relationships, with your children, with your work, with your finances, with direction and purpose in your life. And those things are all important. And I believe Scripture has much to say about all those things.

But consider this…the cement slab your house sits on may be boring, too. It’s basically a small parking lot with a house on it. How boring is that? The cement slab may not be as exciting as the kitchen cabinets, the wood paneling, the decorative moldings, ceiling fixtures, the carpet, the appliances you build on top of it. But, without that boring cement slab, you cannot build anything that will last. Without that foundation, none of these more interesting, more exciting, seemingly more useful things can even stand at all.

It’s like the man who built his house on the rock, versus the man who built his house on the sand. Those beautiful kitchen cabinets sink in the sand, and they wash away, without the boring old cement slab. The beautiful walls, the nice staircase, crack and crumble without that boring old cement slab.

We need to develop an appreciation for the foundational truths, the doctrines of our faith, because without them, none of the seemingly more interesting, more exciting things, the more applicable things, of our Christian lives, can stand at all… none of them will last without this foundation to stand on. We cannot apply our Christian faith to improved relationships in our lives, without the foundational truths of our faith, to hold up those other things. So, remember that as we move forward this morning. What we’re looking at is an essential part of the whole building. The whole building of our faith life, that God wants to build in us.

Contributed by: Bill Sullivan

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