“I Don’t Need A Job”

Mac was a hard-driving, tough businessman in his 70’s. He had been a church member for many years. But one Wednesday night as he heard the associate share his testimony, he realized that he had never personally trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior. Though he had been involved in a lot of religious activity, he never really had a clear idea of what it meant to be a Christian.

After spending a few days pondering and asking the associate questions, Mac made up his mind. At the Sunday night service of their church, he decided to come forward to make a public profession of his faith in Christ. The associate was down front serving as a counselor and was deeply moved by the sight of this tough old businessman coming forward to receive Christ in childlike faith. They were both in tears as they stood before the pastor.

“This is tremendous!” the pastor exclaimed. He told the associate, “This man is one of the most brilliant businessmen in our city! He’s wealthy, he’s talented, and we need to put him to work! I want you to see that Mac is totally involved in what you are doing. We want to take full advantage of what he can do.”

The associate said he will never forget Mac, his eyes full of tears, speaking with a sincere, trembling voice: “Pastor, I don’t need a job. I need the Lord.”

Contributed by: A. Todd Coget

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