Time Equals Money?

In his 1970 book The Harried Leisure Class, Staffan Linder challenged the notion that time equals money. More money, he said, means more shopping and therefore less time. More recently, Juliet Schor argued in The Overworked American that the American workweek has been getting longer since the 1950’s—that we are a harried working class…

Whether harried from working or from shopping, we buy our homes in the suburbs to “get away from it all,” which increases our commute. As a reward for the long hours at work, we build homes that are on average twice as large as those built fifty years ago, only to find they require double the cleaning and yard work. We buy labor-saving appliances and then feel the need to enroll in the local fitness club. The cycle of consumption leaves us rich in things but poor in time.

Source: Karl E. Johnson. “Six Days Thou Shalt Labor, More or Less: Busyness and the Business of Heaven.” http://www.regenerator.com

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