The Tallest Tree Draws the Fire

1991 U.S. Open – Hazeltine National Golf Course, just outside Minneapolis, MN. A peaceful, calm day.

Gray clouds rush swiftly overhead within minutes. Lightning is spotted; a golfer’s worst nightmare. Storm sirens soon blast as a fierce thunderstorm blows in, threatening the safety of one of the largest single-day crowds in the history of professional golf.

Forty thousand spectators scramble for cover. A group of spectators seek shelter under a thirty-foot willow tree near the eleventh tee to keep from getting drenched. An official asks them to find another spot elsewhere. Some flee some stay.

Lightning strikes a tree behind the tenth green, splitting the trunk in half, stripping the bark like a peeled banana. Then a minute later—BOOM!—another lightning bolt strikes. This time it is the tall willow tree. A dozen bodies topple like bowling pins. The noise sounds like a M-80 firecracker exploding. Six men got up. Six remained dazed on the ground. One died with his hands still in his pockets. Suddenly, unexpectedly, the tallest tree drew the fire.

That is what happened in Job’s life. It may well happen in your life. The more we grow spiritually the taller we stand, like massive trees, the more likely we are to draw the lightning in life’s storms. Hell doesn’t seem to like God’s growing trees.

God may be pleased with us and considers us worthy to suffer being a shining testimony for all to see.

Contributed by: Paul Carlson

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