Why Do I Have to Wait?

What if I we’re going to go under a surgeon’s knife to redo my face—but I wanted to stay awake during the operation so that I could freely give out my counsel to the surgeon—and tell him to hurry! Hurry! If he was to start hacking and slashing at my urging—what kind of an outcome do you think I’d get? “Well, doctor this isn’t what we agreed on! Shouldn’t my nose be a little more centered on my face?”

God is doing a work in you/me that will last eternity. The process is delicate: it takes time, but the outcome is worth the enduring! When you make a carving of a lion, you chip off everything that doesn’t look like a lion! That’s what God is doing in His Extreme Makeover of us—He is chipping off everything that doesn’t look like His Son!

Contributed by: Steve Lotze

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