You Must Receive, Not Just Believe

Billy Graham said: “Many people argue, ‘I do believe in Christ. I believe in the Church, and I believe in the Bible. Isn’t that enough?’ No! You must RECEIVE Christ. I may go to the airport. I have a reservation. I have a ticket in my pocket. The plane is one the ramp. It is a big, powerful plane. I am certain that it will take me to my destination. They call the flight three times. I neglect to get on board. They close the door. The plane taxis down the runway and takes off. I am not on the plane. Why? I believed in the plane, but I neglected to get on board. That’s just it! You believe in God, Christ, the Bible, and the Church—but you have neglected to actually receive Him in your heart. Your belief has been an impersonal, speculative thing, and you have not entrusted yourself to Him.”

Contributed by: Stephen Wright

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