Clinker Bricks

Although at times it seems as though the church is in ruin and rubble, God sees it as a beautiful building.

Clinker bricks are bricks that did not quite make it. For some reason or another, they come out of the kiln misshapen or deformed. I read about a Presbyterian Church in New York State that was intentionally built of clinker bricks. Apparently, the congregation wanted to send a message, so they build their church of imperfect, rejected bricks. (“Clinker Bricks and Ebenezers,” May 2, 1999, Exeter Congregational United Church of Christ Web Site, The message is that we are all clinker bricks, we are sinners, we are imperfect people full of follies and foibles, but through Christ we become living stones in his church.

We do not become living stones because we are so great. It is Christ who is great. We are connected into his church through him.

Source: From a sermon by Larry Wise, Precious In His Sight, 2/24/2010

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